C. H. Sawyer & Son LLC Quality Tools Since 1992
 C. H. Sawyer & Son LLC    Quality Tools Since 1992  
C.H. Sawyer & Son was founded in 1992 by my father, Carl H. Sawyer. Just prior to forming the company, he had been a salesman for a local company that manufactured products from discarded automobile tires. Through contacts that he made while selling these products, dad realized there was a niche to be filled in the marine supply trade, primarily to commercial lobster fishermen through local wharves and cooperatives who provided a stock of supplies for purchase by the fishermen who used their wharves. He began sourcing products, stocking and delivering items used daily by lobstermen in the the many lobstering communities along the Maine coast.

Communicating a keen interest in individuals and having a dedication to learning what customers wanted enabled dad to develop a following in a rather short time. He always worked hard to provide the best quality product at a very competitive price. If a quality product was not available from outside sources, Dad would either find someone to manufacture it or even make it himself. Through this manufacturing entrepreneurship, the C. H. Sawyer & Son company has maintained a vital role in the industry as a producer of work-proven products.
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